Ermias Nagatu

Community Volunteer, Pathways


With over 10 years’ experience working in the healthcare, education, and community sector, with a special focus on complex care, youth, and technology, Ermias has a proven track record of building initiatives and organizations through innovation and collaboration. Currently, he is working on Wishplay, a virtual reality platform dedicated to providing patients with the resources they need to live beyond their illness or disability. An active and engaged leader, Ermias’ commitment to education and health promotion can be seen through his as diverse contributions as a community volunteer. From biking 2000 km across the east-coast for Pathways To Education to raise awareness about systemic barriers to education, to building a mobile app that aims to educate patients and health professionals with chronic pain, Ermias advocates for accessibility and diversity. Ermias also holds positions as a Board of Directors for the Regent Park Community Health Centre and the Black Health Alliance.