Faris Almoli

American School of Doha


Faris Almoli is an IB diploma student at the American School of Doha and has been part of the Model United Nations community since he was thirteen. Faris resides in Doha and comes from a Syrian-Canadian background. He has attended multiple conferences participating as both a delegate and as a chair. In addition, he is an established debater and public speaker participating and winning in competitions in Malaysia and Qatar. Through his public speaking and MUN experience, he has decided to participate as a presenter at QLC after attending as a delegate last year. Faris’s interest in global politics and international affairs led him to participate in MUN as he believes that change starts with the youth. Other than his MUN endeavors, Faris aspires to be a physician, which is why he is the vice president of his Pre-Medical club.

Faris attended QLC 2018 as an avid listener who was willing to explore and learn about multiple topics and pressing issues that the youth have to face and combat. Throughout the three day conference, Faris made the realization that the youth have the power to change the next generation and solve world pressing issues that affect our society. Although regular high school students cannot solve global conflicts, there are many societal issues that come as an effect of global wars. Faris along with his co-speaker Sadeem have experienced the impacts of wars on various aspects of their lives.

Due to the conflicts in the Middle Eastern region, Faris feels that many people have detached themselves willingly or unwillingly from their origins as they do not have the ability to visit their country. This is why Faris and Sadeem would like to explore “The Effects Of War On Cultural Identity” in their 2019 QLC presentation. Cultural identity has always been negatively impacted due to wars and in this talk, Faris and Sadeem will dive into how original traditions and values have been wiped away and in what ways we can preserve our heritage.