François Muller

Consultant of Ministry of Education

François Muller has a Ph.D. in history and is a medievalist and archaeologist. He is also a lute player. He has taught at different levels (primary school, high school and college), as well as with adults and high-level students. This experience allowed him to combine effective pedagogy with a systemic approach to educational questions.

Early in his career, he was involved in teacher training, working as a training manager and then education consultant in Paris. For 10 years, he was Chief of the Innovation Mission at the Paris Academy. Presently, at the National Ministry of Education, he works in the Département Recherche-développement, innovation et experimentation (DRDIE, Department of Research and Development: Innovation and Experimentation) to enhance resources for change in the institutional education system.

His various works are available online and are already widely cited in the French-speaking education and training world: see and his blog ( which is devoted to change management in France and beyond (New Zealand, for instance).

His Manuel de survie à l’usage de l’enseignant (Teacher’s Survival Manual) received an award from the French Academy in 2004.