Grzegorz Lorek

Biology Teacher of Leszno High School n°1


Born in 1970 in Gostyn (Poland). Graduated in 1994 from Wroclaw University (Poland) with an M.Sc. thesis at the Department of Avian Ecology. During 1994, a scholarship student at the Museum of Natural History in Aarhus (Denmark).  

From 1994 un til now, employed as a biology teacher at High School No. 1 in Leszno (Poland).  Received the Polish Ministry of Education Award for Teachers in 1999 and  2002. 

The founder and leader of Sharp Horn Jazz and Yass Club, School Biological Club and School Tourist Club. An organizer of more than 200 different events with more than 6,000 participants, including expeditions with pupils to almost 100 destinations in 17 countries in Europe and Asia, almost 40 photo exhibitions and 100 slide shows. A supervisor of almost 60 students’ research studies for the Polish Biological Contest, including three students in the national finals, supervisor of four papers in national eliminations and in the national final of the “EU Contest for Young Scientists”. 

Received title “The Teacher of the Year 2002 in Poland”.  

A participant in the International Ecological Camp School in Finland (2010) and the Geoscience Union Workshop for Teachers in Austria (2011).  

In 2000-2005, an examiner for the Regional Examination Board. In 1996-2002, the founder and leader of a local group of Polish Society for the Protection of Birds in Poland.  

An author or co-author of more than 50 original scientific articles, notes and  review articles in biology. Author of the poetry collection Roof Made of Glass (in Polish)(2010). Co-author of twp books: Nature Guide to the Leszno Region (1998), Biology Guide for Teachers” (2003).   

An organizer and a member of tramping, trekking or biking expeditions to Siberia, Lapland, the Syrian desert, the Ural mountains, the High Atlas, the Sahara, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard, Pamir, Tienszan, the Thar Desert, Moldova, Belarus and many other destinations. 

A birdwatcher, a jazz and Icelandic music lover, a classical marathon and ultramarathon runner. Married to Jolanta, son Jakub.