Dr. Elizabeth King

Director of Education of The World Bank

United States of America

Elizabeth M. King is Director of Education in the Human Development Network of the World Bank. In this position, she is the World Bank's senior spokesperson for global policy and strategic education issues in developing countries. Until January 2009, she was a manager in the Bank's research department, heading the team that focuses on human development issues. She has published on topics such as household investments in human capital; the linkages between education, poverty and economic development; gender issues in development, especially women's education; education finance, and the impact of decentralization reforms.

Since joining the World Bank, she has worked on countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, and the Philippines, among others, contributing to public expenditure reviews, country economic assessments, policy analyses of the human development sectors, and impact evaluations of policies and programs. She was the Lead Economist for the Bank's human development department for East Asian countries for three years, and was a co-author of three World Development Reports. Ms. King has a Ph.D. in economics from Yale University and a B.A. from the University of the Philippines.