Jana Degrott

Co-Founder, We Belong


Jana Degrott counts as one of the youngest elected politicians of Luxembourg and is opening doors for those who have yet to find representation. She is a One Young World ambassador and has co-founded We Belong, a platform and a safe space for people of color to share and reflect on their experiences, explore their histories and identities, and develop their own lives’ narratives. In her podcast “Wat Leeft?” with Lëtzebuerger Journal, she discusses some of the most urgent social issues of our times. It’s a platform for those who’ve been systematically marginalized, victimized, gaslit, and ignored. It’s a safe space where otherwise taboo topics of our society can be confronted openly and with honesty. The guiding light of her  project is the desire to make the world freer and more equitable for everyone – and in that mission, “Wat Leeft?” welcomes all irrespective of race, color, or creed.