Ms Laura Vega-Chaparro

Community Coordinator, Fundación Escuela Nueva


Laura Vega-Chaparro is a Colombian psychologist with expertise in psychosocial research and an EdD from Teachers College, Columbia University in International Educational Development with an emphasis on Peace Education. She is interested in people’s interpersonal relationships and the improvement of the quality of life of communities and society in general. As a master’s student she became interested in education and as a consultant for the Ministry of Education of Colombia and doctoral student at TC, Laura focused her interests on issues related with citizenship, human rights and peace education. In general, her work has focused on contexts of poverty, violence and extreme vulnerability. Currently, Laura works in Fundación Escuela Nueva coordinating its community of practice, which brings together a variety of partners and stakeholders with the aim of creating new knowledge regarding active, cooperative and personalized learning based on the Escuela Nueva model.