Luis Moreno Ocampo

Former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, The Hague

Luis Moreno Ocampo was the First Chief Prosecutor of the new and permanent International Criminal Court (2003-12). During his term his Office was involved in 16 of the biggest conflicts of the 21st century, opened investigations in 7 different countries and prosecuted 30 leaders involved in atrocity crimes, including Joseph Kony, President Bashir for genocide in Darfur and Muammar Gaddafi  for crimes against humanity committed in Libya.  During the 1980s he led transitional justice efforts in Argentina. He was Deputy Prosecutor in the trial against the “Military Junta”, and the Prosecutor in military rebellion cases in 1988 and 1989. During the 1990s he was in private practice in Argentina and a part time Adjunct Professor at Buenos Aires University. He was a visiting professor at Stanford University (2002) and Harvard University (2003). He was the Chairman of the World Bank’s Expert Panel in relation to alleged corruption activities by a Canadian company in Bangladesh. Currently he is in private practice in New York, “Distinguished Visiting Scholar” at New York University and, in a pro bono activity, involved in promoting education on peace and justice.