Maria Clara Araújo

Student, University of Brazilia


Maria Clara Araújo is a Brazilian college student and since she was born, lives in Paranoá, an Administrative Region in the capital of Brazil. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Brasilia. At 17, she was accepted to participate in a leadership program in the United States, where she learned about social justice, capacity building and project implementation. Coming from a public school, she has been involved in educational projects since 2016. One of those initiatives helped young people from her community to enter higher education and become first generation college students. In other projects, she helped to promote the teaching of foreign languages and Portuguese as a second language for young people from public schools. She regularly participates in forums and conferences, for example in Argentina to discuss about leadership, technology and innovation. In Pakistan, she shared her views on Peace, Culture and Inclusive Societies with people from 35 different nationalities who were working towards some SDG. Maria Clara continues supporting local projects and is currently part of a university project called Umanità, which promotes debates on Human Rights with a community outreach proposal.