Mohammed Mostafa

Online Programs Coordinator, MUN Impact

Mohammed Mostafa is an ambitious and aspiring digital marketing and international business consultant. He has special interests in inspirational coaching and leadership, mindfulness, mindful leadership, and value-driven leadership. Moreover, Mohammed has 9+ years of experience in volunteering, 5+ years of experience in events management and 3+ years of experience in digital marketing, educational sales marketing, social media marketing, international business consultancy and organization management. Furthermore, he has 2+ years of experience in policymaking, developing strategies for corporations and organizations, and mentoring individuals to success. Mohammed has developed interests in debating, diplomacy, international relations, Sustainable Development Goals, and the United Nations. He has 7+ years of experience in Model United Nations and 5+ years of experience in English parliamentary debate. He is advocating SDGs and empowering youths through Model UN. Further, he has been promoting mental health awareness, and inclusivity, diversity, anti-racism, and equity in the Netherlands.