Rukmini Banerji

CEO, Pratham Education Foundation


Rukmini Banerji is Chief Executive Officer of Pratham Education Foundation. Trained as an economist in India, she completed a BA at St Stephen’s College and attended Delhi School of Economics. She was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and later earned her Ph. D at the University of Chicago. She returned to India in 1996 and has been with Pratham ever since.

Rukmini has extensive field experience working directly with rural and urban communities as well as in designing and implementing large scale partnerships with governments for improving basic learning. She has been one of the key people in Pratham associated with the development of the Teaching-at-the-Right level approach. She also led Pratham’s research and assessment efforts including the well-known nationwide ASER initiative (Annual Status of Education Report) from 2005 to 2014. Originally from Bihar, Rukmini now is based in Delhi.