Saisabel Alruwaidan

Founding member, YPS Jordan-coalition

An architect and youth activist who believes in quality education and youth power, she is currently leading the education and higher education sector team in the Jordanian Youth Government project, and has recently finished leading the Youth Charter in the Arab Region Taskforce in cooperation with UNFPA-MENA region office, she is an active founding member in YPS Jordan-coalition and has been pleased to convey the Jordanian coalition experience to the world’s youth in HL Nairobi Summit- Kenya, she got an internship at UNFPA-Jordan office, and worked on many projects -based on youth- with Search For Common Ground organisation, she started her volunteering career at an early age, where she was a parliamentary member at Children Municipal Council in the Greater Amman Municipality, Until she realised that society need a creative education as the foundation of renaissance so she got International licenses for Teaching from Canada-Ontario and founded Ighres  initiative for creative education that is still working for better education, and because the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, she worked as a Co-founder of the National Youth Leadership Development program with the Ministry Of Youth in two parts Youth Government and the Youth Parliament after receiving Political strategies and Negotiation Aldebloma from the University of Cambridge.