Shakeeb Asrar

Student, Northwestern University in Qatar


Shakeeb Asrar hails from Lahore, Pakistan. After realizing the differences between the Pakistani and British education systems, he switched from a local matric school to a British school in grade six. Since then, he has been interested in improving the state of Pakistani education and raising awareness of social, religious and political issues. In 2013, Shakeeb started Pineapple Magazine, a print publication providing alternate views to preconceived notions in society. He has taken community development classes in Chicago, participated in a service trip to China, and served on the EBDA Leadership Council, a leadership development initiative that led him to summit Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Shakeeb is currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Q, a campus newspaper, and has interned at USA Today and Al Jazeera English. He has also received a journalism fellowship from the Pulitzer Center to work on a documentary about death penalty laws in Pakistan. Shakeeb plans to combine his passion for media and social change and return to Pakistan to work in its media industry and contribute to the development of his country.

Shakeeb is currently a senior at Northwestern University in Qatar studying Journalism and Civic Engagement.