Siddartha Fernandes

Computer Class teacher of Colegio Pedro II and Colegio Teresiano


Graduated in Mathematics from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Holds an M.Sc. in Education with emphasis on Information Technology and Communication in the Educational Process. Has developed  projects that promote pedagogical development and practice in the new technologies of communication and information since 1991 and projects that focus on student learning process and teacher training in 60 schools all over the Brazilian states. 

Currently developing research in public educational policy at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Works as a computer class teacher at Pedro II (Federal Junior and High School) and Colégio Teresiano (Private Junior and High School connected to Pontificia Universidade Católica – PUC-RJ).

Considered an innovative teacher in 2010 by Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Education Forum, with educational programs that insert the audiovisual language into educational processes. He was a professor of Computer Education Post-Graduation at  EDAE, the Center for Application of Informatics in Education at  Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Participated in teacher training programs in the National Programme for Information Technology in Education of the Ministry of Education – MEC-PROINFO.

Among the projects developed we can highlight:

• Radio online: creating school radio aired on the Internet. Three radio stations were created, conceived and produced by students of the CIEP Agostinho Neto, Colégio Estadual Souza Aguiar and Colégio São Bento.

• Animation at schools: animated films created by students. These works were selected to be shown at the Festival of World Cinema and Animation Anima Mundi in  years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

• WebTV – creating a network of schools producing video. A television channel created and developed by students, intended for young adults.