Sophia Su

Founder and CEO, Genius Lab


Sophia is the founder and CEO of Genius Lab Inc. Genius Lab, founded in 2013, is widely regarded as a leader in STEAM and Maker education by empowering 800+ kindergartens, primary and secondary schools with more than 50 branches across 30 cities around China. Genius Lab aims to teach students innovation, to inspire creativity and explore science or engineering approaches to real-world problems through hands-on learning. Her team has designed more than 600 STEAM and Maker courses that has benefited over 250,000 students all over China.

Sophia is a graduate from McGill University. She is an active member of the board of directors of Beijing Youth Science Foundation and is most recently honored as 2019 Forbes China 30 Under 30. She is involved in multiple publications as the editor of “A Guide to Teenager’s Scientific Investigation and Experiential Activities” published by the Ministry of Education of PRC China as well as series of national STEAM textbooks. Sophia is recognized for her great expertise, contribution and leadership in STEAM education.