Fate of the World

Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

Country of Origin: UK
Languages: English
Developer: Red Redemption
Publisher: Red Redemption
Year Published: 2011
Website: www.red-redemption.com
Platforms: Windows, OSX
Genre: Simulation, Card Game
Age Range: 12+
Subjects: Science, Civics

Fate of the World puts players in the role of a UN-style governing body dealing with one of several catastrophes. Most of these catastrophes are related to issues of global warming, energy policy and environmental care. Players have to make decisions centred around what kind of energy a country should produce, whether or not they use electric cars or how they recycle.

Unlike many other games that deal with issues of governance, Fate of the World is uniquely centered around modern times and circumstance, with a firm focus on the consequences of global warming. The game’s topicality gives it a natural source of interest. Additionally, by putting players in the role of an international organization, it avoids some of the ethnocentrism of other political games. However, despite a slick interface and compelling presentation, the game has a steep learning curve; and feedback about player choice doesn’t always feel tied to gameplay. This is a game that requires investment, making it a hard sell for younger players.

Still, even when players are losing, it’s fascinating to watch the complex simulation at work, demonstrating the complex web of cause and effect in a globalized era. No other game even attempts to put play on this scale—but with it comes challenge in learning the game’s robust systems.