The Math Mage

Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

Country of Origin: Jordan
Languages: English
Developer: RGH Games
Publisher: Rubicon Group Holding
Year Published: 2012
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Quiz, RPG
Age range:6-11
Subject: Math

The Math Mage embeds math quizzes in a magical fantasy setting where players take on the role of a math-wielding mage. The game’s juicy visual feedback and rich sound effects enhance the quiz-based mechanics. The game begins with a beautifully illustrated cut scene, which introduces players to the game’s premise. In the introductory scene, the player discovers a magical formula, etched onto the edge of a stone, which comes to life and fills the surrounding landscape with dragon-like reptiles. The player must use math skills to defeat the predators, one algebraic problem at a time.

At its core, Math Mage is just a drill game, like souped-up flashcards. There is no real tutorial or instruction embedded in the gameplay, players are expected to come in to the experience with a firm grasp of basic arithmetic. Still, if the goal is to drill, there are few math games on the market with this much polish, gameplay, and attractive content.