Monkey Math School Sunchine

Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

Country of Origin: United States
Languages: English
Developer: THUP Games
Publisher: THUP Games
Year Published: 2013
Platforms: iOS, Android
Genre: Math, Counting
Barriers to Entry: Very low.
Age range:  Preschool. Game is rated ages 4+, but reviewers report 3-year-olds playing.
Subject: Math

Monkey Math School Sunshine is a math-based sequel to Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, a highly popular preschool app that drills basic color identification and simple counting. School Sunshine allows the user to create up to three accounts per downloaded app. Using “Grown Ups”feature, parents can customize the mini-games that are offered to a child user account. Mini-games ask players to calculate simple addition (7 + 2 =??), touch numbers in order along a number line, and pop bubbles with a specified number of objects inside (“touch the sets of 2”), among others. As mini-games are successfully completed, kids earn animated fish for their aquarium, a simple interactive environment.