Let’s All Learn to Read

About the Project

This project is one of the 2021 WISE Awards winners. 


Context and Issue 

51% of Latin American elementary students have low performance when it comes to reading. In the population with the lowest socioeconomic level, this figure reaches 71%, whereas the OECD average is 23% (PISA, 2018). This is a great drawback, as education is the engine of development, and reading is the main basis of learning.

The main causes of this poor reading performance are:

• Lack of suitable teaching methods
• Shortage of adequate literacy materials in public schools
• Absence of early evaluation to take corrections on time


Solution and Impact

Let’s All Learn to Read -LALR is a comprehensive and innovative model for learning literacy for elementary school students. Using face-to-face and digital strategies such as:

1. Training and support for teachers in pedagogy, classroom management, and the synthetic phonics method.
2. Design and provision of fun materials (k-5), for learning to read through socio- emotional skills.
3. Tutorials and personalized materials for children with difficulties.
4. A timely and personalized evaluation system to identify and level students with learning lags.

Significant impacts of LALR:

1. It currently benefits 703,277 children and teachers from public schools in Colombia and Panama.
2. It was evaluated by the Inter-American Development Bank and Harvard University, through three experimental assessments which in all cases showed improvements greater than 0.26SD.
3. Colombia and Panama adopted the program as a public policy.


Future Developments 

LALR is transforming the lives of children and teachers in Colombia and Panama. Additionally, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic want to join this successful model and the interest is to reach all Latin-American countries. According to experts, a proper implementation of the program for 5 years would increase reading performance on standardized tests by 30%. This model has all the potential to transform Latin-America’s education in unprecedented ways.

May 05, 2021 (last update 10-05-2021)