The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom

About the Project

The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom (MSCC) consists of a modified Toyota RAV4 (with a custom rack on top to support solar panels), three 65-Watt solar panels, one 200 mA battery, 15 Intel Classmate PC laptop computers and 1 Internet Router, a 5m-by-3m foldable tent, 8 folding tables, and 16 folding chairs. All the material is custom-designed to fit into the car with two computer teachers.

The core aim of the MSCC is to open up students’ and communities’ minds to the possibilities that computers provide and to lay the foundation for developing an African-based and owned computer industry to promote economic development and raise people’s standards of living.

The project reaches 1,000 students and between 800 and 1,500 community members every year through the use of two MSCC.

Besides being able to reach any school regardless of where it is, the mobile classrooms also use training software that caters to different learning abilities, allowing people to learn at their own speed, and the software can be translated into any language, so trainees can read instructions in their local languages. The software contains games and puzzles to make lessons enjoyable, memorable and educational. For example, simple games designed to teach mouse and keyboard skills use recognizable images such as popping balloons and assembling animal puzzles.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)