The School Enterprise Challenge

About the Project

The School Enterprise Challenge was designed to transform large numbers of young people around the world from job seekers into job creators. The program challenges young people to establish a socially responsible, but profitable business at their schools. The business becomes a platform for providing hands-on relevant education to students, while generating extra income for the school.
This project is innovative in its design for achieving significant reach at low cost, making it both scalable and accessible for poorer schools. It harnesses the power of competition to spur change, while providing expert and peer support for schools to improve learning outcomes.

To date the project has directly benefited over 33,500 young people, and almost 383,000 indirectly, with school businesses generating an average of over $1,000 (US) annually. It has worked with over 550 schools worldwide, in some 50 countries. School businesses have included beekeeping, tailoring services, beauty salons and cafes, to name a few examples.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)