Reach for the Sun

Emerging Technologies and Edtech April 21, 2014

Country of Origin: United States
Languages: English
Developer: Filament Games
Publisher: Filament Games
Year Published: 2013
Platforms: Windows, OSX
Genre: Simulation
Age range: Elementary, Middle & High School
Subjects: Science Skills (Biology, Chemistry) Wellness, Global Citizenship and Sustainability

Many games are based on abstract systems that players navigate for success. Reach for the Sun, however, models the various systemic processes involved in photosynthesis through play. In this resource management game, players use the building blocks of photosynthesis to help a flower’s seedling grow and produce as many seeds as possible before winter arrives.

The game is rife with audio-visual feedback, as players balance their supplies of starch, nutrients and water over the course of a 15-minute gameplay session. Just one gameplay session provides players with the opportunity to discover a microscopic balancing act between various natural resources. During each session, players also accumulate seeds from their plants, which can be used to unlock different plants and new tools for gardening.

Reach for the Sun has been specifically designed to supplement existing science curricula. While in-game text and instructions for Reach for the Sun are in English, the simulation-based gameplay is adaptable for English language learners and students who struggle with reading.