Learning Ecosystems: A New Paradigm in the Learning Experience

In this special focus, we go beyond the design of learning ecosystems. Insights shared in this edition shed light on different aspects linked to a learner’s experience. In Learning Ecosystems: A New Paradigm in the Learning Experience, we look at the where, the what, the when and the how of learning under learning ecosystems. How do we create new personalized learning cultures and pathways? How do we enable the development of diverse learning structures and settings? And, finally, how do we enable new forms of assessment and alternative credentials?

Ng Cher Pong, National Library Board of Singapore

Reimagining Libraries in a Learning Ecosystem

What does the future hold for libraries, and more importantly, will they be disrupted like...
M. Evren Tok, Bayan Khaled, Alina Zaman, HBKU

Designing Informal Learning Spaces in Formal Settings: The Case of Maker Majlis

You finish your class, put your laptop in your bag and exit the classroom to...
Sandra van der Kraak, Breakthrough Foundation

Cities of Learning as a learning ecosystem

Here's how you can develop a comprehensive Cities of Learning approach.
Fatima Achdid, Hamid Challak, Karima Kadaoui, Tamkeen

“I learned that in my community I learn” – A Short Story About the Mutually Arising Community Based Learning Ecosystems and Learners’ Agency

“I learned that in my community I learn”. What Ghizlane, a young woman from the...
Fernande Reine, got history?

Projects in Place: Civic learning ecosystems for the future of inclusive democracies

Creating experiences that help students grow as global citizens.