Strengthening Learning Ecosystems in Qatar: Improving access to opportunity for all learners

November 26, 2023



Rosie Clayton

Rosie Clayton

Research Fellow, Global Education Leaders Partnership / WISE

Rosie is a researcher, writer, social entrepreneur, policy specialist, community builder and activist. In education, she leads a range of high profile research and innovation projects across education, skills, lifelong learning, edtech and systems change, working on both UK and international initiatives. Rosie is also a Research Fellow with the Global Education Leaders Partnership and WISE leading work on learning ecosystems in the Middle East and Global South.


Atif Shafique

Public Policy Consultant and Researcher

Atif is an experienced researcher and public policy professional. He has led the development of municipal skills, economic development and employment programs that tackle inequality in the UK. He has a decade of experience as a policy researcher, leading and supporting major programs of work on lifelong learning, inclusive growth, and public services.