Monthly Magazine Games

Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

Country of Origin: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Developer: Shogakukan
Publisher: Shogakukan
Year Published: 1922
Platforms: Multimedia magazine
Genre: Learning
Age range: Grades 1–6 (elementary)
Subjects: Math, literature, science

Launched in 1922, Monthly Magazine Games has been a vibrant and vital classroom companion to Japanese elementary school children for nearly a century. From cover to cover, it boasts an impressive range of offerings, packed with gifts, stationary, puzzles games, and embedded classroom tools.

Because Japan’s learning standards and textbook requirements are nationwide, the magazine is able to sync its content accordingly. Japanese literature, math, and science content is narrated by students’ favorite cartoon and comic characters and popular celebrities. The magazine’s diverse and challenging components make it natural fit for repeated play, and a space where students can experience play and learning in ways relevant to their interests. The Monthly Magazine Games website includes additional student resources as well as a large and supportive online community.