#33 Flipping Classrooms with Robert Talbert

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Robert Talbert, Professor and Assistant Chair in the Mathematics Department at Grand Valley State University, joins this episode to discuss everything to do with flipped learning.

Robert wrote the book: Flipped Learning: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty, published by Stylus Publications in May 2017.

“I wrote this book because I’ve been teaching with flipped learning for a while (since 2009) and writing about it on my blog for about the same amount of time. During that time I’ve made a lot (!) of mistakes and figured a lot of things out. I wanted to collect everything I know about flipped learning — along with some research, theoretical foundations, history, and practical examples — and put it in one volume. I’m convinced that flipped learning is the way of the future in higher education and I want to give faculty in all walks of higher ed a handbook for how to get started and keep going.” – Robert Talbert