#58 How Edtech is Changing the Higher Education Landscape with Amira Yahyaoui

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Tunisian entrepreneur, blogger, and human rights activist, Amira Yahyaoui joins us to discuss what the edtech space is doing to support and change the higher education landscape amid the back-to-school season.

Amira is currently the Founder & CEO of Mos.com, an online platform that provides easier access to more than $135B available in college financial aid.

Before starting Mos and entering tech, Amira set her sights in the nonprofit world. In the past and the present, she has worked tirelessly to promote human rights in Tunisia where she founded Al Bawsala, an award-winning NGO that continues to promote government transparency and accountability in Tunisia.


Relevant links:

Mos: www.mos.com

Follow Amira: twitter.com/Mira404