Corrugated Cardboard in Children`s Technical Modeling

About the Project

The role of technical modeling is very important in children’s education. We live in the age of technical development and a lot of machines and devices surround us. The world of technology is enormous, and the project’s lessons in technical modeling allow children to discover it. They make it possible to develop design skills and develop a technical frame of mind. 
In a few years’ time, our children will be engineers, technicians and machinists. The complexity of modern devices has increased and resourcefulness, creativity and imagination are now in great demand. It is essential not to be afraid of making mistakes, to be able to find and correct them, to set goals and reach them. We should know our own minds and be sure of the results we hope to achieve. The period of crisis calls for new ideas, thrift and ecological awareness. It is also important to be able to simplify the construction and use of ordinary materials. All these skills should start to be developed in childhood.
The aim of the project is to:
– educate children;
– develop their imaginative skills;
– help them in their professional orientation.

The basic principle is to reuse generally available cheap material that is easy to work with. The basic material used in the project is a corrugated fiberboard often used for packaging. Nearly 625.36 million square meters of it were manufactured in 2009 in Russia. The lessons also serve to develop awareness of ecological concerns and foster a sense of economy and thrift. 
While working on the project, the following problems have been solved: 
– extending a range of models
– interesting children in the result
– developing imagination, intuition, logic, and spatial reasoning
– teaching children to do useful things with simple materials
– providing equal  opportunities for all children
– starting to think about environmental problems
– inviting pupils to spend time doing interesting things
Used packaging is easy to work with: it can be cut with shears or a fretsaw and, at the same time, it is strong enough to make models of different sizes, paint them with gouache and glue them together with PVA adhesive. This makes it possible to vary a range of models without additional expense.


April 24, 2019 (last update 04-18-2021)