About the Project

“Lesnaya Shkola” is a place where every child chooses and follows his or her interests. There are no strict temporal and thematic restrictions, everything is based on harmony and natural desire to explore our world here and now.

Our children study the material in their own way (in a convenient format), create personal and group projects, and have outdoor activities.

They independently schedule topics for study, and teachers help to find answers to questions and choose the right direction. Therefore, at “Lesnaya Sckolal” students learn about the world and different fields of science by themselves, following their interests.

In our ever-changing world, we show children how to be more attentive to themselves, to their desires. We develop their love for learning something new and their ability to ask questions and find answers by themselves, interact with surrounding people and nature.

At “Lesnaya Shkola”, there are no small classes and standard lessons of 45 minutes. Learning process is conducted in a free form, children are offered to visit 4 learning spaces or work on personal projects at any appropriate and comfortable place at school. It entirely depends on students where and how long they want to study. The teachers as organizers of learning spaces use different techniques in order to help children complete their projects and studies.

The students can freely communicate with each other. Older children help the younger ones, thereby trying themselves in the role of mentor, and the younger children are not afraid to ask questions to the elder ones. So all of them not only receive knowledge, but also learn to interact with each other, communicate, ask for help, offer it and help.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)