The Life Hub™ Learning Center

About the Project

Financial illiteracy and fiscal irresponsibility were two of the most important and frightening issues to emerge from the global financial crisis. The financial crisis served to highlight not only cracks in the global financial system, but also that there are millions of consumers who do not understand even the most basic concepts of personal finance and money management. In the years that followed the financial crisis, many nations around the world conducted studies and it was concluded that in order to prevent future crises, future generations must be taught personal finance and money management skills and that the educational process must commence at an early age.

Research has also shown that children and youth benefit from a variety of asset-building tools and approaches like saving accounts, financial education and entrepreneurial education. We at Electus, believe these tools and approaches can be maximized through integration. 

Youth savings and entrepreneurship are strategies that share common goals and methodologies. They both support the accumulation of human and financial assets by the next generation and incorporate financial education and activities to help children and youth make sound financial decisions. Currently, youth savings and entrepreneurship are loosely joined, as some children’s savings programs are connected to school and community-based enterprises and some youth entrepreneurial education programs offer savings and entrepreneuship. Relatively little has been done by either practitioners, researchers, stakeholders or the public sector to explicitly link these strategies.

Electus Global Education Company is a pioneering organization created with one central objective – to ensure that every child in the world transitions to adulthood financially literate, fiscally responsible and highly entrepreneurial. The project is achieving our objective by revolutionizing youth personal finance, introducing money management, teaching entrepreneurship as well as life management education.

Electus’s Life Hub System is the world’s first youth personal finance, money management, entrepreneurship and life management education system. We achieve this behavioral indoctrination and modification within the Life Hub multimedia system.

The Life Hub System provides a unique and progressive educational approach and experience for children and young adults based on the conviction that they need to be taught “how to think” rather than “what to think.” Within every child lies an inherent potential that needs to be nurtured and cultivated through a harmonious approach. Instilling the habit of learning and teaching them how to learn and behave is the cornerstone of the education; which the Life Hub system delivers. Life Hub prepares children for our rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, practical real-world skills, valuable knowledge, a global perspective and a respect for core values.

Our project aims to cultivate a new generation of leaders, creators, thinkers and innovators who can meet the social and economic challenges in the 21st century. Linked with its commitment to global youth personal finance, money management, entrepreneurship and life management education is the goal of developing the inner moral compasses of children. These skills will give them the balance which will empower them to take the helm and steer their way through any personal and professional challenges. Learning like skills with the Life Hub System should enable our youth to exhibit the independence, and confidence needed to lead a more productive and successful adult life. It is only through effective childhood education that the future of the world can be impacted and transformed and our children are our future!

In our quest for excellence, Electus embraces the challenge to remain at the forefront of educational change, innovation, and progress with continuous improvement in teaching and learning techniques, as well as unique “edutainment” technologies. The Life Hub offers a stimulating technological apparatus, presenting opportunities to broaden horizons and facilitate the building of knowledge, skills and behaviors in an effortless, inspirational and enjoyable manner for children and young adults. The Life Hub System delivers cutting-edge strategies, innovative educational techniques and robust instructional practices. We aim to make the learning process quantifiable, and for financial skills to be easily attainable, so that these positive behaviors and habits will remain permanently ingrained.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)