Mobile Web Ghana

About the Project

Mobile telephony has significantly transformed lives and business in Ghana and the world over the last two decades. Mobile penetration in Ghana now exceeds 100 percent and today the cost of mobile telephony services – voice, messaging and Internet – is declining fast. Mobile Value-Added Services (MVAS) are providing opportunities to solve business and community problems, and make revenue. The fast-growing smartphone penetration and evolving lifestyles of mobile subscribers provide even greater potential for the development of MVAS. Mobile Web Ghana (MWG) equips graduates with mobile technology training like android OS development, Interactive Voice Response, Mobile Web, business models, user interface and user interactions. The organization’s main goals include:

1.  Contributing to the country’s realization of its on-going development strategy by building capacity in a generation of under skilled young people
2.   Supporting the creation of digital services that can replace and complement the set of publicly available services for citizens and communities
3.  Providing capacity building and supporting the development of entrepreneurial ventures by contributing to the creation of specialized jobs
4.  Stimulating the growth of other industries through the creation of value-added services for different sectors of the Ghanaian economy
5.  Creating methods to help new start-ups to grow and have the desired impact


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)