About the Project

Porvir uses online and on-site communication initiatives and tools to turn innovation in education, a topic that is usually complex and dry, into something understandable and stimulating so that it can be incorporated as a priority in Brazil. It works in collaboration with an international network of 100 volunteers, known as “Satellites”, who help it identify experiences already tested or still in an embryonic stage, capable of inspiring ideas and solutions to educational challenges in Brazil. It also works as a free news agency that helps to set the improvement of education at the top of the Brazilian social and political agenda.

Media professionals who wish to deepen coverage of the subject can also count on the support of Porvir to identify good stories, sources and different approaches. Porvir also works to mobilize decision makers and the general public by organizing strategic meetings aimed at inspiring and guiding governments, investors, social entrepreneurs, experts, education and human resources leaders. Public events and social media mobilization seek to expand the repertoire of Brazilian society on the subject.


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)