t-MBA (teenager MBA)

About the Project

t-MBA is an innovative education model used by over 4,000 students annually in Turkey and it is also available to all interested schools around the world via t-MBA Digital. It is a Master of Business Administration program structured for high schools and the only model ever accredited by the Ministry of Education in Turkey’s history. The vision of the t-MBA model is to create more platforms for teachers, students, professionals, parents and anyone interested in t-MBA to share ideas and projects, and enrich their global knowledge. After students successfully complete the program, they receive an additional t-MBA diploma, which is internationally assured by Pearson EdExcel. There are six interconnected modules that include Student Councils, t-MBA Academics, Foreign Languages, International Projects, Interdisciplinary Education, and Educational Coaching. The Academics module content includes courses on economics, marketing, money management, entrepreneurship, human resources, international relations, EU relations, management and organization, innovation, reengineering and data mining. Business planning competitions are organized annually to give the students a chance to use the knowledge they have acquired.

What makes t-MBA unique and innovative is that it is the very first educational model to be successfully applied as the reflection of a business model. The diamond business model is an economical model developed by Michael Porter, a Harvard Professor. Through the t-MBA diamond model’s modules, t-MBA is able to achieve great success not only with students, but also with businesses, educational institutions and society. The factor that gives students a competitive advantage is not necessarily the individual modules in themselves but the regular relationships between them. For example, the Student Councils module is the basic tool that complements the management class. Students learn theory, they explore and then they experience what they have learned.

Aside from the success of its modules, t-MBA also opens up new and indefinite possibilities including diverse activities such as the t-MBA Summit Week, social responsibility projects, international project collaboration, and an organization bringing business and education together through the t-MBA Organization. During the t-MBA Summit week, for example, t-MBA takes a new approach to international universities visiting schools. Instead of a university simply sharing information about its school, real university professors come to give subject lectures to high-school students, thus providing them with a better perspective on what it is like to be in a university. Other unique activities during the week, such as business plan competitions and business leaders’ lectures during the main event, are a reflection of t-MBA’s approach. 


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)