About the Project

The XSEED School Learning Program replaces “rote” and “teacher talk” led classroom instruction with a five-step child-centered learning process in every class of the school. Visible benefits of the program are curiosity, confidence, the ability to reflect, and higher-order thinking skills in children. Teaching quality is more consistent with better use of hands-on activities, questioning and collaborative methods. XSEED provides schools with an integrated four-part solution consisting of well-researched step-by-step lesson plans to teach each concept effectively, year-round classroom-based teacher training, application-oriented student learning materials and skill-based assessment.

XSEED impacts over 1,200 schools, nearly half a million students, and 40,000 teachers  – with visible improvement in learning outcomes and teaching methods. Read MIT Legatum XSEED Case or watch Earth Rotation Class to see how XSEED is transforming classrooms.

XSEED pursues a unique educational approach, blending curriculum, assessment and professional development into one seamless intervention. It works with the existing resources in the school, utilizing existing teachers, syllabus, timetable and classroom infrastructure, allowing it to scale to a large number of mainstream schools. XSEED relies on a self-sustaining business model paid for by middle-class parents and schools.


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-04-2021)