You cannot build capability without knowledge – Charles Leadbeater

Eminent Voices December 13, 2014

Charles Leadbeater is one of the authors of the new series of publications WISE Matters: “WISE Matters #01 – Learning to Make a Difference: School as a Creative Community“.

In this interview, Charles Leadbeater states that learning should be an all encompassing experience that involves “head, hands and heart” for best preparing children for life’s challenges. Teachers should be able to design creative environments in which children are encouraged to try out new things. One of the major flaws in today’s education system is that its changes from governments and not from within the teaching profession. Many of the ideas Leadbeater talks about are not new: they were lost in the process of systematising education and have now to be recovered and applied in new settings. This is only possible if some standard principles about language, mathematics and science are learnt and then be applied in new ways.

Charles Leadbeater is a Fellow of NESTA, the UK innovation agency and Chair of the Nominet Trust, one of the leading social tech investment funds in the world. He is also Chair of CDI Apps for Good, the mobile-based creative learning program. He has worked with governments, cities and companies around the world on innovation and creativity and is author of several international bestsellers, among them We-Think: The Power of Mass Creativity and The Frugal Innovator.