The Cuckoo of Computer

Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

Country of Origin: Uruguay
Languages: Spanish, English
Developer: LUDO Contenidos
Publisher: LUDO Contenidos
Year Published: 2009
Platforms: Online/Browser, OSX, Windows
Genre: Quiz
Age range: High school +
Subjects: Digital Literacy,Typing

LUDO Contenidos, the game developer, argues that fear is the number one barrier that prevents adults from learning how to use computers. The Cuckoo of Computers helps players overcome fears relating to first-time interactions with computers with playful animations and simple point-and-click or typing exercises. As players mouse-drag “cuckoo” characters to various parts of the screen or type letters displayed on the cuckoo characters, they learn standard computer input technologies and overcome their anxieties.

The Cuckoo of Computers was developed in conjunction with Uruguay’s Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), which promotes science and technology, human rights and digital literacy. The concept for The Cuckoo of Computers came out of various digital literacy workshops at the MEC Centers.