Haki 2

Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

Country of Origin: Kenya
Languages: Kiswahili, English
Developer: Afroes
Publisher: Afroes
Year Published: 2013
Website: http://www.afroes.com/games/
Platforms: Android, Java
Genre: Puzzle, Quiz
Subjects: Social Studies

Haki 2’s simple puzzle and quiz mechanics challenge players to answer questions about political ethics and embrace Kenyan national pride. The game pits players against Mboss, an evil villain who is out to cause civil unrest and disunity. Players can foil Mboss’ evil agenda by correctly answering quiz questions and deciphering visual puzzles. Haki 2 includes a chat system to encourage community discussion around the game. The quiz includes categories like leadership, rights and resources, and honor, work & pride, which each contribute to the game’s goal of helping players make positive choices about community and Kenyan national unity.

Haki 2 is the fourth game developed by Afroes, an educational and social-outreach game development studio in Nairobi, Kenya. Afroes’ games focus on connecting youth to African heritage to cultivate national pride and civic action. Afroes developed Haki 2 in partnership with the Tuvuke initiative in Kenya, a countrywide movement for peace during the elections. The game ends by asking players to commit to peace and unity as they raise their hands to the Tuvuke slogan NIMEJIANDISKISH, which signifies a personal commitment to peace and tolerance.