#46 Training Teachers From a Distance with Aldo de Pape

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Like in many other industries, education practitioners and students around the world have been jumping into digital platforms as a means to continue operating amid the crisis. A remote-powered world draws many challenges into question. Issues concerning ease-of-use, accessibility, and privacy and security are some that teachers are continuing to grapple with.

In an attempt to address these challenges, edtech solutions are stepping up to train teachers and education stakeholders how they can effectively utilize technology to not only facilitate the classroom experience, but to potentially enhance it.

In this episode, Aldo de Pape, founder of TeachPitch, walks us through how the organization has been training thousands of teachers in partnership with the Ministry of Albania. We ask him about how the crisis has affected TeachPitch, the difference between online teaching and an emergency response, and what it means to provide a central infrastructure for e-learning.