#62 Why Social-Emotional Learning is More Important Than Ever

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With societies more fluid and fragmented than ever, how can we help young people feel confident in their own identities? Leading members of Karanga: The Global Alliance for SEL and Life Skills, discuss why Social-Emotional Learning is more important than ever in today’s world.


– Jennifer Adams, Chair – Chair – OECD Study in Social-Emotional Skills

– Joanne McEachen – Founder and CEO, The Learner First

– Louka Parry – Founder and CEO, The Learning Future

– Dominic Regester – Program Director, Salzburg Global Seminar


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OECD: www.oecd.org/education/ceri/soc…onal-skills-study/

Salzburg Global Seminar: www.salzburgglobal.org

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The Learning Future: www.thelearningfuture.com