Inaugural Teacher Wellbeing Research Report Launch
9 March - 5 PM (GMT+3)
By 2030, the world will need 163 million teachers to fulfil the critical work of preparing our youngest generations for an increasingly demanding future with more complex global challenges.
On 9th March, we will officially launch our extensive Report into teacher wellbeing and the factors that influence it, discussing intervention strategies, policy recommendations, and actions on an individual scale.
Our keynote speaker will share views from a practitioner standpoint and will connect this with a range of other global research findings including from the OECD. During the research presentation, the authors will present the main findings from the scoping literature review and case studies. During the panel, each panelist will reflect on the research presentation, connecting any insights to their own experience in the education field, and sharing learnings related to personal and collective wellbeing in the field. 

This Report is the first to be completed in Kenya, Cambodia and Qatar on this topic. It also highlights the important connection teachers have to student’s learning. 

Join us to explore the ways in which we can each be more active citizens by valuing and supporting the crucial work of our 94 million teachers worldwide.


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  • 17:05-17:15 – Doha (GMT+3) – Keynote speech

    Jennifer Adams
    , Karanga, Knowledgehook Signature Leadership

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Jennifer Adams

Executive Committee, Karanga
Editor-in-Chief, Knowledgehook Signature Leadership


Malik Muhammad Sohail

Lecturer of sociology,
Government College University Faisalabad


Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell

Professor of Global Health,
Duke University


Hy Huynh

Community Psychologist and Researcher,
Duke University

Dominic Regester

Dominic Regester

Program director,
Salzburg Global Seminar

Manuela Fitzpatrick

Manuela Fitzpatrick

Policy Analyst,

Chelsea Prax

Chelsea Prax

Children’s Health and Well-Being expect,
American Federation of Teachers

Ahmed Baghady

Dr. Ahmed Baghdady

Manager-Research & Content,

John Gasko

John Gasko

Chief Well-Being and Social Emotional Learning Officer,
Uplift Education


Zarmina Hotaki

Principal-Qatar Leadership Academy,
Qatar Foundation Schools