Emerging Technologies and Edtech May 02, 2014

Country of Origin: Austria
Languages: German, English, Chinese
Developer: OVOS
Publisher: OVOS
Year Published: 2010
Platforms: Windows
Genre: Action Adventure, Physics Puzzle
Age Range: high school +
Subject: Science (Physics), Engineering, Wellness, Global Citizenship and Sustainability

Set in the year 2098, Ludwig challenges players to discover alternative energy resources and prevent energy collapse on the planet Unitron. Players help Ludwig, the robotic player character, find and use various parts to repair his spaceship in this visually stimulating, 3D point-and-click adventure. In order to assist Ludwig, players must master basic physics concepts and discover how energy can be extracted from fire, water, wind, and the sun.

As gameplay progresses, players unlock new technological components to upgrade Ludwig’s robotic form. These increasingly complex upgrades present new tools for players to explore and master curricular physics and sustainability concepts relating to renewable energy. Educators can reinforce the game’s knowledge base with combustion, water and technic worksheets, available on the game website. Because Ludwig was developed in cooperation with physics specialists, teachers and pupils, the core gameplay concepts also align with common physics classroom learning objectives.