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Adaptive Technologies for Flipped Learning
How adaptive learning is powering flipped classroom?

New Educ
Dec 02, 2016

Keys to Improve Early Childhood Education
The quality of parent-child interaction and parental care, and not income, is the most important determinant of early childhood development.

China Youth Daily
Dec 01, 2016

Interactive Learning: Is It Better for Your Kids?
Interactive learning can work where traditional classroom teaching may fall short. What is interactive learnind? And how does it help?

Al Ghad
Nov 29, 2016

How Two Boxes Are Making Education For All a Reality
By designing solutions tailored to local communities' needs, Ideas Box and 1KG Box are equipping vulnerable populations with skills for the future.

Nov 29, 2016

E-motional Learning
E-motional Learning
How can online courses add the emotional element that makes learning more relevant?

El País
Nov 29, 2016

How Digital Media Has Changed Creativity
“We knew from research that creativity was lacking, we knew play was declining. We knew a lot of things were replacing imagination and play among children, including technology,”

News OK
Nov 28, 2016

What if Education Started to Be Fun?
What if Education Started to Be Fun?
We need a youth enthusiastic about the benefits of education - not frustrated about it, writes J. Rabbat.

El Perfil
Nov 27, 2016

Virtual Reality: the Next Big Thing in Education?
Combined with game-based and collaborative learning, VR is poised to make important breakthrough in teaching and learning environments.

Nov 28, 2016

Ms Jo Besford:“Local is Lekker” –Innovation is best when it is local!
“Local is Lekker” – Innovation Is Best When It Is Local!
"Context matters and it is a key factor when moving from brilliantly creative ideas to a sustainable, impactful innovation." Writes Ms. Jo Besford

WISE Words
Nov 24, 2016