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The Battle for Open Access to Research
The goal of science, after all, is to disseminate knowledge, not keep it sequestered.

LA Times
Dec 07, 2018

What College Professors Need to Know About Learning
Research into learning science allows us to better value how fundamental teaching and learning are to being human.

Dec 07, 2018

Value Professors on Their Teaching, Not Citations
Dutch universities want to make it easier for academics to become professors on the basis of their teaching record, a shift away from relying on journal impact factors.

Inside Higher Ed
Dec 07, 2018

How the Future of Work Impacts Colleges
"If students could take a year or two of school, get a job, and then return to school a few years later, the education system would offer true life-long learning..."

Dec 06, 2018

Making Immigration Relevant in Class
Immigration is a topical subject, one that straddles history and social studies, but also current events.

Education Dive
Dec 05, 2018

Are Language and Gender Discrimination Interconnected?
In many languages the masculine gender dominates the feminine. How well does that reflect general gender patterns accross societies?

El País
Dec 02, 2018

The Power of a Teacher
It's easy to get stuck in a maze of school reforms or become enamored with the latest edtech trend. We can lose sight of what really matters—the relationship between teachers and students.

Dec 01, 2018

Competition Only Stifles the Spread of Ideas
How can higher education create a healthy working culture?

The Guardian
Nov 29, 2018

The Benefits of Teacher-led Innovation
“We know that in order to reimagine what education looks like for our kids, we have got to have the most amazing people at every level.”

Hechinger Report
Nov 29, 2018