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Using Storybooks to Build Strong Learners
Storybooks from China stress goal setting and perseverance twice as frequently as the books from the US. What's the implications for children's learning?

Jan 06, 2018

Why Science Says It's Good for Children to Lie
A new study says lying is actually an important developmental milestone for young kids.

The New York Times
Jan 05, 2018

Now Is the Time to Invest in Girls
Girls can change the world—but we have to invest in them first, writes Malala Yousafzai.

Jan 04, 2018

How Videogames Can Help in the Classroom
How Videogames Can Help in the Classroom
Serious games, in particular, can be used as an aid to teach scientific concepts and to foster creativity.

El País
Jan 04, 2018

Teaching Social Skills in a Connected World
To live a fulfilled life in a connected world, people must work collaboratively. Yet schooling often focuses on individual achievement. How to fix this?

The New Childhood
Jan 03, 2018

Liberia's Bold Experiment in School Reform
Can low-cost private schools provide the next generations of Liberians with a chance for a better future?

Jan 03, 2018

Why We Should Help Teens Identify Their Purpose in Life
We need to prioritize our students knowing what their value is in the world, says psychologist Heather Malin.

Jan 03, 2018

WISE Words Podcast: Sebastian Thrun
Join WISE CEO as he talks to Udacity co-founder Sebastian Thrun about nanodegrees, AI in education and much more.

WISE Words
Jan 02, 2018

Empathy is Learning
Thom Markham reflects on what learning means in an increasingly connected world and suggests six ways that schools can help students prepare for this shift.

Jan 02, 2018