Sophie Bailey Founder, The Edtech Podcast
Stefania Giannini Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO
Andrew Jack Education Editor, Financial Times
Simon Breakspear Founder and Executive Director, Agile Schools
Hamoon Ekhtiari CEO, FutureFit Ai
Martin Hirsch President, L'Institut de L'Engagement
Anthony Mackay CEO & Board Co Chair, National Center on Education and the Economy
Murugesh Nagaraju Corporate Trainer, Dynargie Singapore
Samir Saran President, Observer Research Foundation
Marco Teixeira Senior Programme Officer, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Najat Vallaud Belkacem CEO Global Affairs, IPSOS
Oakleigh Welply Associate Professor, Durham University
Yao Zhang Founder and CEO, RoboTerra Inc.
Stéphane Zumsteeg Head of the Opinion and Politics Department, IPSOS Public Affairs
Sophie Viger Managing Director, 42
David Weston Chief Executive, Teacher Development Trust
Marc Vannesson Director, VersLeHaut
Dr. Erlinda Hándal Vega Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, El Salvador
Claude Terosier Founder, Magic Makers
Keisha Siriboe Founder, Stories of Us
Dr. Dave Stanfield Head of Research & Development, Council of International Schools
Namita Shah President People & Social Responsibility, Total S.A
Nicolas Sadirac Founder, 42
Florence Rizzo Co-founder and CEO, SynLab
Dorothée Roch Co-founder and Director, BECOMTECH
Joris Renaud Co-Founder, Eduvoices
Patrick Pouyanné Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Total SA
Thiên-Sinh Polodna Immersive Learning Consultant, Uptale
Alaina Percival CEO, Women Who Code
Beatriz Pont Senior Education Policy Analyst, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills
Onyinyechi ‘Onyi’ Ough Executive Director, Step Up for Social Development & Empowerment in Nigeria
Elena Pasquinelli Responsible of Research, Innovation, Evaluation - Project Manager, Fondation la Main à la Pâte
David Mumo Education Specialist, EAC
Einas Mohammed Lead EdTech Specialist, ibTECHar
Frédéric Mion Director, Sciences Po
Prof. Fethi Mansouri Founding Director, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation
Alicia Mansilla Education Manager, Wakatoon
Dr. Dov Lynch Senior Officer, Office of the Director-General, UNESCO
Dahlia Maarouf Leadership and Development Specialist, Education Above All
Adrien Ledoux CEO, JobTeaser
Manoelle Saint M’leux Lepoutre Senior Vice-President Civil Society Engagement, Total
Danièle Henkel Founder and President, Daniele Henkel Inc.
Samuel Grzybowski Founder, Coexister
Prof. Heidi Harju-Luukkainen Professor, Nord University
Clara Gaymard Co-Founder, RAISE
Laurence Grandcolas Social Entrepreneur, MySezame
David Fajolles Professor, Sciences Po
Barthélémy Fougea Producer, WINDS FILMS
Matthieu Dardaillon Co-founder and President, Ticket for Change
Jean de Loisy Director, Beaux-Arts de Paris
Sophie Cohendet Co-Founder, LearnAssembly
Justine Damlincourt Project Manager, Eidos France
Ana Capilla Casco Coordinator of Higher Education, VET and Science, Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos para la educación, la ciencia y la cultura (OEI)
Pierrick Chabi Founder & CEO, Wakatoon
Boran Choi Global Advocacy Specialist, Education Above All Foundation
Céline Calvez French Deputy, French National Assembly
Anne Catherine Baseilhac Development Director, VersLeHaut
Elodie Beth-Seo Senior Project Officer, UNESCO
Andrea Bargagna Student, École de production
Neil Barker Director, Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership
Armelle Arrou Head of Public Relations and Partnerships, UNESCO
Armand Arton Founder, Global Citizen Forum
Yalda Aoukar Founder & Managing Director, Bracket Capital
Idriss Aberkane Founder, General Bionics SA
Antoine Amiel CEO, LearnAssembly
Dr. Zachary Walker Associate Professor, University College London Institute of Education
Jörg Dräger Member of the Executive Board, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Andreas Schleicher Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, OECD
Pierre Dubuc Co-Founder & CEO, OpenClassrooms
Alice Bourassin Director, Eidos France
David Wilgenbus CEO, Office of Climate Education
Svenia Busson Co-founder at LearnSpace & European Edtech Alliance
Joel Hellermark Founder & CEO, Sana Labs